Think Happy Thoughts

Remember my post on word games called Quiz ? which spoke of playing brain games with children. Well, this time around in Kolkata I decided to play a few of them with a group of kids. In one of the game I asked them to say one positive and one negative thing about any chosen person in the group. To my amazement they could write an essay on the negative qualities in the other ,but could not think of even one positive attribute in that same chosen person. As a result of which the game ended up in a fight losing all its charm and effectiveness.

On another instance I was putting 4 kids to sleep as a routine asked them to say their thank you prayers before sleeping . After which I made them to do some deep breathing and then imagine a happy moment and sleep with a big smile. To my astonishment they recollected all the fights ignoring all the happy playful moments they had spent in each others company.



Is this only limited to kids? Are we not forgetting  to think happy? We all know that thoughts follow actions , then why can’t we think happy for each other? Once we as responsible adults start conversing good about each other , think happy and bless each other our kids will follow suit. Gossip a term associated with negativity can be made positive by making it healthy , lucrative and helpful. Replace criticism with praises and learn to compliment each other graciously. Do not get me wrong I am not talking of false praises or fake compliments, but honestly trying to find out good qualities in each other and nurturing them.It is very easy to copy whats wrong , but needs an effort to rectify and copy the right.


Now I have made it a point to cautiously discuss good qualities in people and inculcate the habit of positive thinking in my kids. Are you still thinking? make it your resolution too.



Happiness and sunshine 🙂



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  1. Sweta Ojha says:

    Indeed a very valid point. It has become a tendency to bring out negativity and it starts from childhood itself.
    How are you? Did you visit Kolkata recently?

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    1. hey how have u been ? I guess we are all prone to think negative , we need to direct the mind to think positive. such is the irony of the society and of the mind.

      yes i went to kolkata for nearly a month to my mom’s place.

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      1. Sweta Ojha says:

        It indeed is. I have been good. A little off the blog so wasn’t much into reading.

        I stay in Kolkata too. Hence asked. I hope you and the kids are doing great! ☺

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      2. oh great , shall catch up next time . yes , kids have started school and me back into the grid with a smile .

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      3. Sweta Ojha says:

        Sure. I’d love to. Keep that smile intact always.☺

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      4. yes of course, glad have friends like you to infuse freshness and bring back the smile 🙂

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  2. Jerry Peri says:

    This post is inspiring! Thanks for sharing!
    People ought to learn “Positive Living”!

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