Mom I am bored! As moms we hear this sentence on numerous occasions each and every day. And what do we do? Give our smartphones or gadgets to them and forget about it. Now the child is happy and no longer bored! While we happily finish off our TV serial and host parties.

Tarry a little and think what we are doing? By doing so we are killing their imaginative powers, making them lazy and lethargic. They refuse to play outdoors hence making them obese and unhealthy. As such they lose curiosity and the desire to adventure and do things on their own.


The question still remains “I am bored”, let them be bored. Let them spend time with themselves, think and discover their strengths. This gives them an opportunity to understand their interests that enables them to make decisions and make appropriate choices. Watch as their sense of being comes bubbling out of them and spills over into this incredible energy to create and do and conquer. And then watch as they grow into confident, capable, driven young people. An otherwise mundane job of folding laundry may spark an origami interest, or checking out the refrigerator may invite them to make your grocery shopping list and viola you get a shopping partner next time to visit stores. The point is we should let them decide their activities however silly it may sound and not offer ready-made options and please no screen time. You may guide them and give them direction but not solutions.

What did you do when you were young and bored? At the time when there were no gadgets and less of screen times, were you not happier?  Proactive? And surprisingly busier than our kids today? Let’s try replicating that.

When Sparsh was 5 and came to be bored, I didn’t offer him any solution , next minute I see him cutting a carton box and tying ropes to it in such a way that he could make the lids flap as wings. He called it his plane and was super proud of his creation. On another occasion he would cut windows and make a castle for Anaya and engage in pretend plays.

fantasy play

Two years later, he used plastic trays (disposable ones) and attached motor, switch, fan and batteries to it and made a boat which would happily sail in my kitchen sink. (click on play below). Anaya (6yrs) can entertain herself for hours by engaging with her dolls or creating something artistic or doing some paper art or simply watering the plants in my kitchen garden.

​So next time when your child comes sulking, just tell him/her “Stay Calm and get BORED”

I love bored, do you?

Happiness and sunshine 🙂

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    Awesome…something I have always believed strongly in. Thanks for reinforcing it

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  2. Rajiv Narula says:

    Thanks Nidhi..This should be a message for all parents today, specially in the US! the dependence of kids on gadgets is just alarming!

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    1. Why only US it’s everywhere . More than screen time we get anxious when the child say I am bored and we rush for solutions . Need to stop


  3. nrhatch says:

    Well said! If we said we were bored . . . we were given a chore to do. We learned to use our own imagination.

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  4. LivingOutLoud says:

    Wow! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing such creative insights around boredom. I know the next time I feel bored I am going to remember these stories with your children. Thanks so much for sharing. I am looking forward to following you and reading more!

    ❤ Alana

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    1. Wow , thank you for these lovely words of appreciation and encouragement. I am glad you enjoyed it 🌼

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