Abundance – week 8

Congratulations on successfully completing week 7 which was on improving your mental health, Where we laid emphasis on the fact that its OK to NOT be OK. Lets move on to week 8 today in which we will take it one step higher. You and me find ourselves riding the rat race to perfection. From…

Abundance – week 7

Its OK to not be OK. Self care is NOT SELFISH, Its survival. Be kind to your mind.


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With Diwali comes gifts. Choosing a Diwali gift is not easy, and specially if it’s meant for family. Our closed circle or often referred to as our safe circle.?Inspired by jargons like “think outside the box”. I literally applied this into practice.?No boxes ! Not that I was saving…

Abundance – Week 5

Hello friends, welcome to week 5. First things first, congratulations and thank you for sticking with me for a month on our path towards Abundance. After a refreshing and indulging week 4, I am sure you are equally excited as I unveil week 5. Without further adieu, this week is all about FORGIVENESS. What is…

Abundance – week 4

Hello Friends, After a tiring yet relaxing week 3, I now invite you to week 4. As promised its a bonus week. A cheat week and the only one in the entire program, so make it count. Feel free to explore , think out of the box and please get out of your comfort zone….