I was sitting under the sun waiting for my turn at the passport seva  Kendra this week. My batch was 13 and I reached my venue an hour earlier thanks to Bangalore traffic that day. 

Beside me were  seated a young family comprising of a 6 yr old girl and her parents. I was amazed by this girl’s presence of mind. She was sitting there solving word games on her mom’s phone. Later she played some quiz with her father in general knowledge and geography. She was not confident with her mathematics tables to which her father suggested “NO more of stupid TV shows and you tube videos” 

Often when children trouble us , we offer them screen times . We have forgotten our own  mental skills. How many telephone numbers do you remember ? I made a note to play mental games more often  with my kids from there on. Paper and pen games like making boxes , scrabble , word guess , sudoku, word search , jig saw puzzles are also running in my mind now . Pitcionary is something we can enjoy as a family  and spend quality time too. How many of you remember name place animal thing game ? Does this not sound exciting even today ! Then go ahead and try it with your kids , I am sure they will love it as much. 

I also shall make it a point to carry a notepad and pen with me in my handbag every time and innovate constructive thinking games while commuting or otherwise.limiting screen time is a must for the development of kids. Apart from hampering growth it affects the physical , mental and psychological development of the child too.

Do share your games in the comments and make kids smarter and full of life . 

Happiness and sunshine 🙂


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    Awesome…its fun to do these with the kids 👍


    1. Yes, and they love them too 🙂


    1. Thanks , it’s fun to play such games with kids . And they absolutely love them !

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Manasi chowdhary says:

    Wonderful read. Will carry pen and paper wherever I go from now. Thank you for reminding Name Place Animal Thing. Thanks much


    1. You are most welcome . Yes carry them and share your stories too 🙂 would love to hear them


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