Head phones 

Head phones , ear phones , headset whatever you call them , they all serve the same purpose , brings you closer to sound and lets you experience the magic of mechanical waves and the vibrations they produce.

I was at Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for my flight to Johor Bahru, and I saw each and every soul glued to their screens with a ear phone plugged in the ear. Some swayed their heads suggesting their interest in music, while the others were busy communicating catching up with work. 

 A mother instructing her kids on rest room etiquettes at the top of her voice ,why ? Obviously because of the ear phones she was wearing , she could not hear her own noise. A Father ordering at Mary brown ,and asking his child for his choice, who ignored him as if he never existed. The frustrated father then lifts his hair to pull out the ear phones and proceed with his order. The flight attendants shaking a man on the couch , requesting him to proceed towards boarding , he had obviously missed the final call .
While I am still trying to understand this ear phone business, I see my bunnies sharing earphones and listening to a song on the iPod. I decide to communicate with them in signs and signal them to finish their donuts before we get into our next flight .

While a ear phone gives us the liberty to listen what we want to listen it sometimes keeps us from hearing the important. What we need to master is to hear the noise and filter it’s application. We all have a filter on our ear drums which allows selective frequencies into our ear and discards the noise. We listen to want we intend to and discard the heard.

For instance we hear the church bell ring , or the neighbour’s dog bark. These are sounds we don’t intend to listen to. While on the other hand listening to a piece of advice is active listening. Hearing is effortless while listening is with effort. 
It’s better to listened to that to be simply heard. 

Happiness and sunshine 🙂 


What do you do when your child refuses to greet and meet people at party? I have often seen mothers forcing their child to say “hello” and then boast about their social skills. They don’t mind bribing the child for a candy , making sure they speak. 

But how many of us understand the reason behind this refusal? Some call them shy some timid, some  reserved  or non social kids. But a recent encounter with a pair of sisters aged (10 and 8)changed  my perception for good.

Again at the passport office while I was waiting my turn along with fellow citizens , I initiated to converse with these two sisters. The older one answered my questions with ease while the younger one kept on looking at her sister before she returned to answer me. This may seem normal to many but left me with a food of thought . 

Don’t talk to strangers ! Don’t accept gifts from strangers! Don’t we all teach these rules of safety to our children from the time they enter Pre school. Then why do we get embarrassed when  our children chide away. Instead of scolding them and rolling out eyes , just bent down look at them in their eye and assure them that it’s safe to talk . They only want your permission , they look up to you for approval ,for a stranger to them may not be a stranger to you. Scolding and forcing them creates a conflict of doubt in them, wherein they begin to question their own judgement.

Just like us , children also take time to mingle, respect this fact and thank your stars that you have taught them well. Later that night , I told Anaya about the two sisters and how they spoke with me . To my surprise she said “Mumma,did you know their parents?” NO, I said . “Then why did you speak with strangers ? bad habit” she replied .

I silently thanked my stars and kissed her good night .

Happiness and sunshine 🙂


I was sitting under the sun waiting for my turn at the passport seva  Kendra this week. My batch was 13 and I reached my venue an hour earlier thanks to Bangalore traffic that day. 

Beside me were  seated a young family comprising of a 6 yr old girl and her parents. I was amazed by this girl’s presence of mind. She was sitting there solving word games on her mom’s phone. Later she played some quiz with her father in general knowledge and geography. She was not confident with her mathematics tables to which her father suggested “NO more of stupid TV shows and you tube videos” 

Often when children trouble us , we offer them screen times . We have forgotten our own  mental skills. How many telephone numbers do you remember ? I made a note to play mental games more often  with my kids from there on. Paper and pen games like making boxes , scrabble , word guess , sudoku, word search , jig saw puzzles are also running in my mind now . Pitcionary is something we can enjoy as a family  and spend quality time too. How many of you remember name place animal thing game ? Does this not sound exciting even today ! Then go ahead and try it with your kids , I am sure they will love it as much. 

I also shall make it a point to carry a notepad and pen with me in my handbag every time and innovate constructive thinking games while commuting or otherwise.limiting screen time is a must for the development of kids. Apart from hampering growth it affects the physical , mental and psychological development of the child too.

Do share your games in the comments and make kids smarter and full of life . 

Happiness and sunshine 🙂



Caught you , just like Mr the Stephens above you are found guilty of reading, yes READING! Now you may say, “What a silly thing to say, You write so I have read, what’s wrong in that?”

Well what I want to share today I beyond this, but very well related to reading.

We all read, our morning begins with reading the newspaper followed by juggling between emails the entire day and calling the day off with a book at night. Sounds good? Yes of course! But my question to you is how much do you retain from your reads? The key is not to read more but to read better. It is important to read books, but it’s more important to remember your read and put it into good use thereby making it more productive.

How many of you make notes of your reads? Fiction or nonfiction every article or book you read has an underlying message, it’s like the morale of the story often referred in bed time stories to children. My Grandfather used to cut newspaper clippings and file them for future reference, today you take a snap shot and save it in your phone which mostly gets lost in your gallery.

You start reading, anything a book, a blog, an article, get intruded by the words, some may even touch your cords and force you to think beyond. You keep reading. You finish the book. Take a large breath in and keep the book down with a sigh, never to be seen again. The book resides in your shelf, and the thoughts die out in your mind after a couple of minutes or stays with you for a couple of days and eventually fades out.

What happens to your read? What was the purpose of your read? Does this not get lost, it specially holds true for books on self-improvement, where a thought is triggered only to die out in a short while.
My question to you is “How do you make your read count?” Today I want to share somethings which I follow to make them count.

Keep a pen and paper handy. Write down why you choose to read what you just read.

Point down take away from your reads and has it answered the above question?

Relate them with real life incidents to remember them more appropriately.

Summarise the book in three sentences.

• Store these in a way which is reachable and searchable to you, for reference.

You make want to keep these in a diary or save it in your laptop. The choice is yours, but the purpose remains the same. Hope I have made my write more readable and searchable.

Happiness and sunshine 🙂



As adults we are often taught to hide our emotions from our children. Sad or angry , we always face our children with a smile on our lips. Remember your mother drying up her tears before she attended you?


My question is why don’t we share our emotions with our kids? Why don’t we express happiness on buying a new house ? Or regret having fought over trivial things with your partner. Why don’t we tell them what’s upsetting to us versus to what brings calm to the mind? And to top in all, we expect our little ones to act as per our moods. If they are not told about emotions and explained on how to handle them correctly, how will they give you space at ease , or accompany you to the super market offering help. And if they do not react the way you want , you blame them ,Right!  STOP,  blame yourself.


Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is taught in schools which measures  the academic intelligence in a child , But Emotional Quotient (EQ) should be taught by parents, even before a child starts schooling. EQ is nothing but social intelligence which comes from accepting and embracing emotions. It makes them good leaders, have strong relations ,negotiate tricky situations and have greater self-awareness.

Only when you share your feelings (both negative and positive) with your kids and allow then to perceive it for themselves ,will they develop a stronger EQ. A happy child tends to pick up a happy bear at a toy shop. What they feel in the inside reflects in their personalities and eventually becomes their way of life.

After watching the movie “Inside Out” which demonstrates 5 emotions namely joy,fear,disgust,anger and sadness by an 11 year old characters Railey, Sparsh came up to me and said, “Mom, its OK to be sad , it’s not always bad” . “Yes he was the hero in the movie “adds Anaya.


Thankfully I am raising EQ children , who understand feelings and use their IQ to comprehend and react accordingly. It will be great if you get into the habit of keeping a jar full of emotions , and ask your children to participate too. I will make one too, and you?



Happiness and sunshine 🙂


You come back home after long day , and hear the kids fighting over a toy . You are talking on the  phone and the younger child starts to howl. You sit down taking notes and your coffee spills on your note-book . GOSH !


Keep your cool ? Take a deep breath ? but believe me you get short of breaths then. All the calmness fumes away in the huff and puff of the moment.Neither can you step away from the situation nor can you afford to get it on your nerves. Right! And how do you react ? Loose your temper? Shout? Most of us fall into this category.



In Pranic healing I was  taught to keep my tongue connected to the roof of my  mouth, well that’s done to increase your receptivity and increases the flow of energy . But it came to my rescue in resolving  a fight yesterday . Both my bunnies kept fighting over a pack of UNO( playing cards) and all I did was not say even a word. I connected my tongue and kept staring at them expecting the worst . But to my amazement, they resolved in 10 minutes which would have otherwise taken me more than half an hour. It saved me from hearing them say ” Mom, you love him/her more than me “. No question of taking sides, no explanations what so ever .



Remember your physics lesson , every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I understood that if I don’t react to their actions, they will eventually loose interest and give up.  Voila , once they stopped fighting , I got up got them both some water and closed the chapter for good.

” Why didn’t you say anything ?”, asked Anaya . Both Sparsh and Anaya looking at my face and waiting for an answer anxiously.

“Do you answer me ,when I call out for you at once ?”, I answered.

They looked at each other and quietly stepped out of my room.

Silence has a language of its own we just need to pay attention and listen to it. I am listening , are you ?
Happiness and sunshine 🙂


If you have ever been to the passport office you would know what I am talking about . Room full of people from different walks of life. All eyes glued to the screens , waiting for their turn anxiously. A place we’re people were referred as numbers N 614 , W 153 and many more. A room so crowded that the air conditioning system fails to keep it cool. Children crying , women complaining and men checking on time , time and again. 
Another place where people are referred as numbers is at hospital , UHID’s become your identity. But let’s not talk about hospitals now . I want to share something else here , coming back to the passport office .

A woman walks up with her child sitting in a wheel chair. Suddenly I hear the chatters melt into whispers. All eyes turn towards the boy. While everybody was still trying to figure out what went wrong with him , the boy calls out for his mother in a hoarse , loud voice . “Amma”. Now all eyes shift pathetically towards the woman. My eyes also met with her once , she generously smiled at me and returned to feed her son some sandwiches which kept falling from his mouth. 

What struck me , where her shining eyes , full of hope. There was no despair in them , nothing , they were gleaming. And her smile infectious. She bought a smile on my lips too and I silently prayed for her son. Being a pranic healer myself , I sent some love and light to te duo filling them with strength , joy , inner peace and happiness. 

Her smile , her eyes taught me the spirit to fight and never give up and not loose hope! I once again looked up at the screen to see my number flashing , time to rush to the allotted counter. I bid adieu to the duo on a happy note! 

There are times when we should stop asking GOD why me ?? But say to him TRY Me ! 

Happiness and sunshine 🙂