Little Stuff

Kids return home from the first day of school this Monday the 7th of Aug 2017. They return with their bags heavier, their minds busier. Eyes full of excitement, voice filled with numerous stories waiting for an ear to hear them out.

But what happens??

ME: “Sparsh, hurry up and get into your kurta pyjama, we need to celebrate raksha bandhan “.

Sparsh: “Ok, but listen I did this ……..

Before he could finish, I rush out of the room to grab their bags and empty out their bottles.

Anaya: “Mummy I fell down in school and see I have a small scratch and you know Joan and me….

ME:” Anaya, Please tell me all this later, finish your snacks quickly time for dance class.”

The evening passed by, both attended their respective classes and we celebrated Raksha Bandhan in between the hustle, wrapped up dinner and finally called the busy day off. But I could not sleep. I found myself trying to hear the unheard, trying to fix the broken pieces of our conversations and make sense out of it. But alas, I failed.  I then realise that I had missed the bus.


We all do this, Right? We tend to give priority to our words but often miss out on little things our kids want to share with us. Either we don’t have the time or we don’t want to waste time listening to them. Whatever be the case we just ignore them only to get ignored later in life. Well, you might say, Nidhi I am not free each time at their disposal,Yes I agree, but at least you can tell them that you are busy then and would love to hear them out after a specified time, and then return to hear (and not listen) to what they have to say.


Kids tend to become less expressive, less talkative and lose their EQ if they are not given the freedom of expression along with positive interaction and feedback.  Think twice before shooing away your kids. As a rule I read bedtime stories to my kids and share the day with them before putting them to sleep. This not only helps me to bond with them, but also helps me to understand their always active mind, body and soul.



On that note, happiness and sunshine as always.


P.S : Do read my blogs titled Headphones and EQ to understand me better.


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  1. Chitra Satish says:

    So true … your writings are so informative and interesting too 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Many thanks for the encouragement aunty


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