Abundance – week 11

Hello friend, now that you know how to tackle shit in the previous week , I am sure you are pepped up for what’s coming up next. This week I will talk about how you undervalue yourself constantly and unconsciously.

Negative self talk is what makes you most vulnerable.

What is Negative Self-Talk?

You spend so much time telling yourself that you’re not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or thin enough.

You tell yourself that you don’t deserve the things you want.

Or that the things you want to have or experience will never happen, and even if they do, they will be disappointing

Your negative self-talk affects you in a very powerful way.

If you think something is possible, you’re more likely to make the effort to achieve it. If you think it’s impossible, you won’t even bother trying.

If you think you are a good person who deserves to live a life you love, you will create that life. But, if you think you are undeserving or not capable enough, you will sabotage your own efforts without even realizing it.

Studies show that your thoughts also have a physical impact on your body. Take polygraph tests (commonly referred to as lie detector tests), for example.

They demonstrate how your thoughts directly influence your blood pressure, muscle tension, temperature, breathing rate, heart rate, even how much your hands sweat. Those are some pretty significant physical reactions to our thoughts!

Effects of Negative Self-Talk

When you experience the effects of negative thoughts – such as thoughts that create the emotional states of fear, anger, anxiety, guilt, shame, or regret:

  • The muscles in your body actually become weaker.
  • Your stress levels go up.
  • You experience changes in your biochemistry and hormone levels, and you may even suffer from gastrointestinal or digestive problems among other physical symptoms.

Changing negative talk to positive affirmations not only gives you confidence but also give you control over yourself. Its a mind game and all you have to do is stop behaving like a monkey. Instead get control over your mind and take charge of your thoughts, For your thoughts can either build you or destroy you completely. Here are some ways which might help,


This is when you find yourself thinking in terms of always, never, every time, everyone, no one, and so on. For example, thoughts like, “I will never get a raise,” or, “Nobody cares about me,” or, “I always screw up, no matter what.” This type of thinking is not only detrimental to your happiness, it’s not based in reality. It’s not true that NO ONE cares about you, or that you will NEVER get a raise. Well, that last one might be true if you never do the necessary work to get a raise. But then you’re the one who is creating that situation. Which means that you can change it.

2. “Focusing on the Negative” Thinking

This is when you’re so busy looking at everything that’s bad in the world, you can’t see the good. But the truth is life isn’t all bad, just as it isn’t all good. It’s a combination of both. There is a positive side and a negative side to pretty much everything. And since you get to choose what you are going to focus on, why not choose to focus on the positive?

3. Catastrophic Predicting

This is when you imagine the worst possible outcome in any situation and convince yourself of its inevitability– usually without any real facts to back it up. Even though the worst-case scenario rarely ever happens, you act like it’s just a matter of time and you let it dominate your thoughts and actions. The truth is we never know what the future holds – and history shows that worst-case scenarios seldom come to pass. So why worry about something that hasn’t happened yet, and most likely never will? You are much better off to simply focus on what is actually happening in the current moment and focus on that – such as the task at hand.

4. Mind Reading

The fourth type of negative thinking is a sneaky one. This is when you tell yourself you know what another person is thinking – and it’s always something bad. Do you ever find yourself having an argument in your head with someone? You imagine them saying all sorts of terrible things that frustrate or anger you, or hurt you and make you feel ashamed?

THAT is mind reading…

In reality, you have absolutely no idea what that person is thinking. But you tell yourself that you do – and you let this false belief negatively impact your relationships.

5. Guilt Tripping

Guilt Tripping is when you focus on everything bad you’ve ever done, everything that makes you feel guilty or ashamed, and you allow that to define your perception of who you are. You tell yourself you’re a loser and a bad person and that you don’t deserve to feel happy or achieve the success you long for. And so you give up before you even start.

The thing is, EVERYONE, including me, has done things they regret.

“You shouldn’t allow that to define you. You have also done a lot of really great stuff in your life.”

If you focus on the good things and start to see yourself as a fundamentally good person who has made some mistakes but is also capable of achieving great things, you will open yourself once again to a life of unlimited possibility.

As a start to practicing positive self talk, begin by writing down 5 good points about yourself each day and move from negative self talk to positive self affirmations.

All the best for this week , see you next week. Until then, stay happy stay positive.

Happiness and sunshine.



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  1. Great post! All excellent points, especially with the mind reading 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 glad you liked the post and found it interesting.


  2. arv! says:

    I believe big time in the benefits of positive thinking. Thanks for sharing this post, Nidhi

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Arv! Yes our thoughts can make or break us and all we should do is reduce them, watch them and let them pass.


      1. arv! says:

        Absolutely 😊👍

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