Choose gentle 🌼

From diapers to wash cloths and clothes to lotion, you have always chosen soft and gentle products for your baby then why not words?

What happens as they grow up? Do they not remain gentle? Or soft? Then why bombard them with words so harsh that it ruptures not only their clothes but also their hearts.

Is gentleness a sigh of weakness? NO! NEVER. It takes courage to respond gently while shouting at your child is easy.

Next time you feel tempted to yell, just take a deep breathe and chill. Calm down and wear your oxygen mask first before attending to your child.

However bold your child maybe he/ she still have a delicate heart. Don’t hurt them, just love them.

Happiness and sunshine🌼



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  1. arv! says:

    This is something that’s not a part of Indian culture. Yelling and shouting at kids is considered as their karma or probably that’s what they deserve. I’m glad you have chosen to write about this, Nidhi.

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    1. I completely resonate with you . And that is why I chose to write on this . Thank you Arv!


      1. arv! says:

        I’m glad we’re on the same page, Nidhi

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  2. Norah says:

    Great advice.

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  3. Such a beautiful advice –

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