~ A conversation between Sparsh & Me ~

A few days back he came running from the neighbourhood park , fuming , crying and with scratches on his arms and knees. I cleaned his wound and while dressing it up , he said he had a fight with a friend and that he will never see him again . I did not comment , instead finished with him and set out to lay the table for supper.  
I had made his favourite rava idlies ( a favourite South Indian steamed dish)and all I wanted that he eats properly and rests to sleep . 

The very next evening , I see him playing hand in hand with the same boy , giggling with glee. I saw him surprised to which he reacted by just waving at him , as if he was trying to call it an off . 

Kids don’t carry baggage , they start each day fresh . They don’t sleep with a heavy heart or ponder over an issue for long . That very night I had an argument with my husband,and after some time I was smiling thinking how stupid I was to fight over a pea sized issue . Thankfully I didn’t sleep with a heavy heart 🙂 

Unload your baggage 🙂 



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