~ A conversation between Anaya and me ~

It was pouring in Bangalore a few days back (Dec 13,2016) due to the cyclonic activity in Chennai (a popular city in south India) and while returning home from her dance class , she suddenly throws away the umbrella and starts to dance in the rain .

Why are you dancing in the rain ? I ask .
” Because I am happy “, she says
” And why are you so happy ? ”
She looks at me as if I am a fool .
” Because I am dancing in the rain “, she says .

It was not until this that I understood what it means by thinking , doing and speaking in harmony and how it brings sheer happiness !A simple dialogue between us left an impact on me ,and here I am sharing it with you. It simply means giving your 100 % to your task at hand not just physically but also emotionally and mentally . We as adults are so famous for multitasking forgetting to enjoy the task at hand leaving us stressed. Stress is nothing but our own inability to think,do and speak in harmony. Time to de stress and enjoy the moment , Right !

Have a lovely evening 🙂


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