A Walk 

I was under the weather and decided to stay back home that day . My younger one had an off too and she promised she would give me company . She bought her bag full of secret goodies to my room . Made a tent/ house with pillows and cushions and sat in the middle and began her pretend play.
Once she was the doctor curing her doll, next she was her mother taking her to the park . She kept on talking and singing to her . This continued for a good hour. Later she was engrossed making food for her doll and fed her .After a while came out her paints and crayons and her favourite drawing book . She filled a few pages ,and in between two pages she asked ,” Mom, when was the last time you held the brush?”

I kept looking at her trying to recollect and replied ” I don’t remember” 

“I love painting , and I will always do what I love ” she said and continued . 
Evening I saw her do her home assignments and later she went to the park to play with her brother . Her day ended happily and she was put to bed peacefully . 
But something was troubling my mind , what did I love doing ? I took a paper and pen and wrote about 10 things I loved to do. Next I thought of how to make them happen in the simplest way possible . 
Next morning my alarm sounded at 6am and I found myself up and ready to strike off my first wish , morning walk , Yes ! Simple as it may sound , took me a good 35 years to understand that I loved doing it ! 
Do what you love , happy walking 🙂 


Picture taken @Rikinjay , Shillong, India .

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