From Corona to Karuna

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Got up late, run for a shower

Skipping breakfast, run to the bus stop

Reached work, run for the meeting

Target challenge, run a few calls

Got back home, run through errands

Past bedtime, running through notes

Confused mind, run to sleep

Run Repeat Run.


BREATHE, to live,

to SEE the world full of relations,

to HEAR the sound of loved ones,

to TOUCH the lives of many,

to SMELL the lilies bloom in spring,

to FEEL the love around.

What you have been running for,

is now come to pause.

what you have been running from,

is now suddenly close.

and YET we are cribbing ,

while mother earth is healing.

This is the time to strengthen bonds and make time for love

Time to do what you love and love what you just did

Time to heal some inner wounds with utmost forgiveness

Time to show what you care with gentle kindness

Time to reflect and greet our shadows too

To talk less and hear more

To react less and respond more

To correct less but connect more

To judge less and accept more

and while we do this consciously

the earth heals unconsciously

Then when we meet in a time new

Healed and ready to heal many not few

we create a world full of LOVE

of HOPE , of FAITH and BELIEVE too.

Time you stop focusing on Corona and make a conscious effort to rekindle Karuna in you.

Happiness and sunshine as always , stay safe each one and live life with loving kindness for yourself and others.


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      1. pvcann says:

        Most welcome 🙂

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