Thought of the night 2

This thought did not come to me, but to my daughter.

We are at the cinema and I was grumpy. Something was not right. First there was a huge queue to enter the mall, then I banged into a stranger and escaped a fall but could not help the cold coffee spilling on my new dress.

At the pop corn station I was asking for tissues to soak up the coffee, trying frantically to hide its stains but in vain. I was complaining.

Sparsh my older one, took out his phone to take a selfie, and declared SMILE and instantly all our eyes lit up and my frowns took an upward curve and fell again after the picture was taken.

Anaya was probably observing me, and instantly said ” when you can smile for the camera, when why not for yourself ?” I stood there dumbstruck. Threw away the tissue and enjoyed the movie instead.

Sometimes life’s little things have so much to convey. Seldom we pay attention to the mundane and prevent it from being extra ordinary. Happiness is paying attention to these little things and loving them fully.

Happiness and sunshine 🌼



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  1. Your daughter is wise

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    1. Yes , I am learning from her too . Kids teach us valuable lessons 🌼

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  2. AJ says:

    What a great question!

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  3. Beverley says:

    This indeed so true. We need to smile for ourselves. You have a wise daughter.

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    1. Thank you Beverley . I am learning from my kids. 🌼


  4. πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠThank you very much for following my site. God bless you.

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    1. Thank you for your blessings


  5. ilonapulianauskaite says:

    Whats thoughtful, thank you for sharing, have a great day😏

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    1. Thank you 🌼


  6. From the mouths of babes! Wow!

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  7. Krishna says:

    Love this πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

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    1. I am learning from my kids . Try to be observant in their company and find joy in little things 🌼

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  8. There are cloudy days too, some with heavy rain!

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  9. Tanusri sen says:

    Your daughter is genius… Very nice and important thinking…

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    1. Thank you Tanusri 🌼 life is about unlearning the wrong and learning the right at the same time .

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      1. Tanusri sen says:

        you are most welcome

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      2. Highly appreciate your presence here ⭐️


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