Unlovable moments call for LOVE

Unlovable moments and what are they?

1) tantrums in a public place

2) constant whining

3) talking violently

4) not listening and disrespecting others

And the list goes on ..

When I asked 20 parents on a parenting workshop how they treated their children in their unlovable moments, this is what I got –

1) 5 parents said that they were too busy to even notice these moments. They had too much in their plates to handle.

2) 10 parents boasted that their children were the most disciplined ones and as they said so I found some of them fighting over some candies

3) 6 parents accepted that they did not hug their child often

4) 13 agreed that they failed to praise their children at the right time

5) almost all agreed that they get flustered by such unlovable behaviours and get stressed

6) only 2 parents demonstrated calm and maintained peace in such situations

What I gather :

We as parents get stressed the moment we see such behaviours and act in frustration and anger while we should actually do the opposite.

Showering your child with statements like

1) I know how you are feeling, let’s talk about this at home, or

2) I would have reacted the same as you are doing until some years back but now I know how to handle my emotions and I wants to discuss them with you sometime

3) I completely understand how annoying this is to you , but I know a better way to solve this anxiety.

Show them the live and bless them with kindness when they are facing difficult or challenging situations. As adults it’s difficult with us to deal with emotions think about those little minds .

Loving kindness is all that they want.

Mindful practice

Describe an unlovable situations and tell me how you showered love and overcame the stress.

Happiness and sunshine



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  1. Controlling personal emotions is most important in providing
    guidance for young minds.

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    1. True that , that’s the essence of this post. To give loving kindness irrespective of anything.

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      1. Thanks for resonating with my thought 🙂


      2. So happy to be the reason of your smile today 🙂

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      3. pleasure meeting you Nidhi

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      4. The feeling is mutual .

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  2. Love is the answer. Marvelous blogging!

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    1. Thank you dear blogger

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      1. You’re sincerely welcome.

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