Thought of the night 5

What stops you from being humble? Pride, Ego, Power, or the most famous excuse these days Lack of time? A tree with no fruit stands tall and erect with pride and nobody seeks them. Only when they are laden with fruits and have something to offer do we seek them. Does humility lower your self…

Create | Enjoy | Live

Create the most beautiful memories, Craft unmatched experiences, And design your today, Enjoy every minute, Savour it’s magic, And stay alive, Live every situation, Live for it now, And celebrate your life. “Your children don’t want a perfect mom, they need a happy mom” Have a beautiful weekend, Happiness and sunshine🌼 Nidhi

Thought of the night 2

This thought did not come to me, but to my daughter. We are at the cinema and I was grumpy. Something was not right. First there was a huge queue to enter the mall, then I banged into a stranger and escaped a fall but could not help the cold coffee spilling on my new…

Thought of the night⭐️

Closing the night on a high note. Let’s uncomplicated life and live it effortlessly. Happiness and sunshine 🌼 Nidhi

As I unpack his suitcase

Now let me describe the scene to you before you head on to reading what follows. My man is on his travel spree and on one occasions he sends his suitcase to me while he is aboard another flight to another destination. It’s been 10 days already and I am unpacking his suitcase. Unpacking his…

When pictures talk.

Presenting some of my most loved pictures on parenting making loving kindness its supreme aspect to me. Don’t just scroll over them, tarry a little and ponder on each. I bet you will take deep fulfilling breaths in between. Happiness and sunshine Nidhi

A Mindful Walk

“Something in the solitude sings to You , in words so beautiful you won’t forget them even if you don’t write them down . But you will “ A mindful walk The sky begins to loose its colour, As I pace to up and down the street, My walking shoes rub against the road, As…

Iceland in a Terrarium

DREAMLAND From waterfalls to lava lands Boiling earth to snowy peaks, From sunshine to rainy days Lush greens to black and greys, From melting ice to frozen lips Ice caves to lava caves, From national parks to barren lands Puffins to diving whales, From floating glaciers to frozen lakes Misty mornings to foggy days, From…

A short film on happiness !

  The most amazing video on happiness and its fulfillment . Do read and leave your thoughts for me in the comments below. I know you will love it. How could I not share this. Happiness and sunshine Nidhi P.S: watch it till the end . pause , think and then comment  

Why mistakes are better than achievements !

A mistake has the potential of teaching a lesson. A mistake might not give you popularity and success but a lesson learned from a mistake will surely do the needful. Ever got a chance to meet some leaders and pioneers ? You will always find them down to earth , full of love and inspiration…