Gardening on paper

“I am too busy working on my own garden to notice if yours is more greener 🌱🌵 Beating the lockdown blues by trying my hand at water colour on paper. What are you doing to keep yourself busy ? Happiness and sunshine Nidhi

Greens of life

New day, new leaves,Some shedding,Some budding. A few struggle to erupt,Breaking the soil,To find it’s way. The lucky ones,Crack from the womb,Of nurture of care. To brave the fiery sun,To sway in the breeze,To soak in the April showers. And yet emerge,Victorious,From a seed,Returning to a seed. Nidhi

15 life lessons for kids before they turn 10

On a recent visit to a preschool waiting to meet the principal, I overheard a conversation between moms who had gathered to pick up their respective ward’s after school. “My 6 yr. can use WhatsApp and send messages on his own”, said mom A to mom B And knowing how women are, mom B boasted,”…