Create | Enjoy | Live

Create the most beautiful memories, Craft unmatched experiences, And design your today, Enjoy every minute, Savour it’s magic, And stay alive, Live every situation, Live for it now, And celebrate your life. “Your children don’t want a perfect mom, they need a happy mom” Have a beautiful weekend, Happiness and sunshinešŸŒ¼ Nidhi

One day, I will not be this small.

I am sure this happens in every parent child relationship. My kids are 10 and 7 and even today they want to sleep in my bed and hug me at every instance. I sometimes have to carry them asleep from the car to their room and tag them along a long walk in the mall….

Why can I not be taught to be myself?

Why shout when a whisper does the trick, Why punish when support does magic, Why neglect when acceptance is the key, Why hit when all they want is let them be, Why doubt when confidence is the need, Why judge when respect is thy seed, Why constrict when sky is the limit, And expect stars…

If I had my child to raise over again…

It’s learning – unlearning – re learning parenting. Do I need to say anymore? I have this on my laptop as my wallpaper, a gentle reminder for me everyday. How would you like to keepsake this? Happiness and sunshine Nidhi

When pictures talk.

Presenting some of my most loved pictures on parenting making loving kindness its supreme aspect to me. Don’t just scroll over them, tarry a little and ponder on each. I bet you will take deep fulfilling breaths in between. Happiness and sunshine Nidhi

Make the happiness count this childrenā€™s day !

Make that happiness count this children’s day! When a mother plays games on her child Her world turns upside down. When a father forgets judgement Her world shatters a little more. Her parents her guide But what when they decide to taker her ride? Her silence screams,bangs closed doors As she sobs on the floor….