“Bachpan” (Childhood)

क्यू याद आती है बचपन की यो गालीयाँ, क्यू नहीं भुला पता कोई वो मुस्कुराती कलियाँ, कैसे याद रहती है वो सारी बातें, कैसे सामने आती है वो प्यारी तसवीरें। ( why do you remember those childhood lanes? why you cannot forget those happy blooms? How do you remember those talks, how do you recollect…

Make the happiness count this children’s day !

Make that happiness count this children’s day! When a mother plays games on her child Her world turns upside down. When a father forgets judgement Her world shatters a little more. Her parents her guide But what when they decide to taker her ride? Her silence screams,bangs closed doors As she sobs on the floor….