Make the happiness count this children’s day !

Make that happiness count this children’s day! When a mother plays games on her child Her world turns upside down. When a father forgets judgement Her world shatters a little more. Her parents her guide But what when they decide to taker her ride? Her silence screams,bangs closed doors As she sobs on the floor….

Accepting yourself = loving yourself !

You accept your partner/s, your job ,your children your friends and everyone else whom you get acquainted with in life. Right ! Then why are you so harsh on yourself ? Accept and embrace yourself the way you are and the world shall embrace you ! Start accepting yourself , start loving yourself. Say words…


It was a busy weekend with guests in the house, a birthday party to attend and an auspicious thread ceremony in my neighbourhood. I was constantly juggling between these events, kids and work. To entertain the extended families who were with us, my mother in law asked the kids of the house to perform something….


What do you do when a 2 year old sheds tears and cries in front of you for a candy ? Or a 8 year old argues in a toy store for a gadget he had been wanting for long ? Don’t we just give in and offer them one ? And instantly the tears…