Do you really know yourself ?

What do you know about yourself ? To get answers , get out and connect with people . Change your perspective , change you . Lead yourself towards self discovery and self love 🙂 Be your own valentine and the world will be yours ! Self love is the best love 🙂 happiness and sunshine…

Be your own Shiva

Be your own Shiva The creator of your own destiny, The destroyer of all evil, The light of your own knowledge The peace of your own mind May you find happiness and sunshine 🙂 Nidhi

See the good

  Be happy not because everything is good …. But because you can see the good in everything….. “change your perspective and the world will change for you”.  Happiness and sunshine Nidhi    


I often say , be your own happiness but I think I am being selfish here. Yes I am the reason to my happiness no denying that , but once I am happy it’s my moral duty to make others happy too ! When you can share your sorrows your problems with others , why…

Why waste 60 seconds?

When anger resides, love withdraws. When love resides,all withdraw. Love yourself and smile 🙂 Begin your week with a happy quotient. Happiness and sunshine 🙂 Nidhi

Look in

“Yummm” is the international language for food , and “Happiness” is the international food for the soul ! And the best thing is that we don’t have to cook to taste it , just look inside , open the doors and windows and experience it ! Happiness and sunshine 🙂


Who needs a decorated canvas? A street child finds inspiration in an abandoned drawing book and uses the street as her canvas and carves out her lines using a piece of chalk. Timidly she contracts in her own self and after enough persuasion agrees for a click , carrying an innocent smile on her lips…