Abundance week#52

Dear abundance seekers,

It gives me pride to welcome you to the last post on the journey to happiness and self transformation. What I write here is not just for this week to follow, but for the rest of your life.

Time to reflect ……
This brings us to the final week of the course, and if you have been watching the videos and doing the practices, you have accomplished a lot! As a result of your dedicated learning and practice, it’s likely that there have been some changes in you since you began, so now might be a good time to ask: What changes have you noticed since you began the course? The changes may be different than you expected and they might not be monumental. They could include subtle shifts, such as discovering that you are sometimes able to find space in the middle of a busy day, or that you are a little more resilient in encounters with others, or you’re just a little kinder to yourself in difficult situations. It’s often the subtle changes that are actually most profound, because they indicate learning that has been integrated, that they come from the inside-out rather than top-down.

I hope this course has been useful and wish you the best on your journey from here! Thank you for letting me into for life for this year. My heartfelt gratitude to you.

Of course, the end-effect isn’t just about big multi-day events. Endings have the potential to make you happier (or not) on a daily basis.

How do you normally end your work day?

What do you do before bed in the evenings?

If you’re always frantically racing through emails at 5pm, you may feel like your whole day was rushed. If you find it hard to focus for most of the day and end up working on into the evening, it might seem like you can never get away from work.

If you find yourself slumped in front of the TV after dinner, watching shows you don’t particularly care about … or aimlessly surfing the net … or running around doing chores … you’re unlikely to look back and feel that was a great day.

Ending the work day in a positive way with an exercise session. Meditating and let go helps me unwind my emotions and makes me rest peacefully. I find that journaling about my day also helps me reflect on the bright spots – and lets me get any worries off my mind. Reading a book to bed has its benefits too.

I’ll end this post with a couple of questions for you as your mindful practice:

Pick an event (vacation, conference, project, etc) which is coming up. How can you make sure it ends on a high note?
What one thing could you do to give yourself a more positive end to today?

Lastly, Thank you so much for being with me on this long journey of self transformation. I am sure these posts have left an undying impression on you and urged you to dig deep within.

Please do comment and write about your journey in the comments below.

Happiness and sunshine as always,



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