Abundance week 40

Dear Readers and fellow bloggers,

Welcome back. Last week we spoke about water and how it effects us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Hope you have taken some lessons from that. In my earlier posts I have also emphasized on building good habits and how to break away from toxic ones. Today we explore the origin of triggers that can cause you in recovery to backslide into relapse behaviour. The way to minimise the chance of relapse is to become fully aware and conscious of what you are feeling as your mind enters the states of HALT.

What is HALT?

Can you focus on work at hand when your stomach is rumbling and calling for food? How long can you stay deprived of food and keep up a smiling face? On the contrary, can you workout with a full stomach?

How to tell whether you’re truly hungry

True hunger and thirst feel different than boredom.

Bear in mind that you need to fuel your body regularly to maintain your health and provide energy to get you through your day.

Some people skip meals when they’re trying to lose weight, which is often counterproductive, as waiting too long between meals may lead to overeating. As such, it’s important to eat when you’re hungry — not wait until you’re ravenous.

If you recently ate a balanced meal and are craving more food, the craving is likely psychological. However, if you haven’t eaten in several hours and are experiencing signs of physical hunger, you’re probably hungry and need to eat a meal or snack.

Do a mental check-in

Trust yourself to know how your body feels when you’re truly hungry. If you want, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What emotions are you feeling?
  • Are you bored, anxious, or sad?
  • When is the last time you ate a meal or snack?
  • Are you experiencing signs of true hunger, even if they’re early signs?

While you should try to refrain from eating if you’re not truly hungry, you shouldn’t wait until you’re extremely hungry either. Whether truly hungry or not, a glass of water never hurts.

Understanding Hunger enables you to understand yourself and thus raise yourself. Following a routine diet and ensuring proper sleep helps keep balance in life.

Emotions play a significant role in our self development. Anger is one of the most powerful emotion that can cause disbalance on all levels physical, emotional as well as spiritual. It releases toxins and chemical substances in the body and can throw you completely off guard. Words spoken when angry and more dangerous than wrong deeds.

Anger after all is an emotion and once we understand the power of yoga sutras and learn to keep our emotions at bay, the mind stays at breeze avoiding all calamities.

You are a soul, not your body, emotions or thoughts.

Man is a social animal. This clearly indicated his need to be social , interactive and among people. Loneliness is bliss but only for a short time. Just like you cannot meditate forever you cannot stay alone forever too. Mental health matters. Depression, stress and lack of companionship are the top 3 reasons for suicide and erratic behavioral disorders.

And sometimes we just throw a fit not because we are hungry or angry or lonely but because we are TIRED. Sleep deprivation and the fast paced lifestyle are major contributing factions to being tired. Tired not just physically but mentally and spiritually too.

Regular meditation rejuvenates the mind body and spirit. If eating if food for the body, meditation is food for the soul. Its important to relax, release and refresh by letting go.

Next time you find yourself failing from a commitment or unable to follow a habit, reflect on these 4 qualities and take charge back.

Click here and enjoy the full 52 weeks program at your fingertips. Remember is now or never. Only once you start you finish. I thereby encourage you to embark on this journey towards going inwards and knowing, trusting, growing and raising yourself with me.

See you next week, until then happiness and sunshine



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