Abundance – week 18

Dear Friends and fellow abundance seekers, we have spoken enough on knowing yourself through self love, self acceptance, building self esteem , building self care habits in the past 17 weeks and now its time to cultivate self empowerment. First thing first, what is self empowerment? and I believe no other statement describes it is a more suitable way than this,

“Knowledge is power but self knowledge is self empowerment.”

How much do you know your self. Here I am not talking about the count of material things that you own , nor the quantity of thoughts you cultivate in a day, or your emotional checklist, or how you take care of your body. Trust me you are not these. When you feel sad, its your emotional body that’s sad not you. When you hurt your knee, your physical body is in pain not you. When you are engrossed in a thought, that again it not you, its your mind.

what are you? Or,who am I? is THE only question you should ask yourself.

You are pure consciousness, made of divine spiritual energy. You are the SOUL, the PURUSHA as called in sankhya philosophy and yoga and all that entices you in maya or PRAKRITI as compiled and explained in Patanjali yoga sutras by sage Patanjali some thousands of years ago.

Your material world (outer world) is a reflection of your inner world. Once you understand how to fix your inner world, you can manifest anything in the outer world. The world within is your world outside. And how do you do this? By meditating daily, by sitting and embracing the stillness of your mind, by reducing the fluctuations or modifications in your thoughts and improving its quality not quantity.

Yoga – chitta – vritti – nirodha

Yoga is derived from the word “Yug” which means union. Here we are referring to the union between finite and the infinite and the non union between material or matter and consciousness. Only then the seer can see his true reflection and become free.

You need to start looking inwards for strength, confidence and support and stop blaming the outside world , people or circumstances for your state of being. Only then you will be able to find your higher purpose in life and live life in abundance.

Spirituality is a topic for another time, today in this week lets focus of creating goals.

Goals will never we effective if they cannot be specific or remain un measured and not bound by time. You cannot say you want to loose weight and do nothing about it. You have to be specific on how much weight you want to loose in numbers and state how would you achieve this in a well defined time. “I want to loose 5 kgs in 6 months from now ie by august by enrolling in the gym. I will work out for minumum 30 minutes daily( download fitness app), waking up at 6 am (set alarm) for a half hour walk and cut down my sugar intake (download calorie monitor) replacing it with fruits and vegetables in these 6 months. I intend to consume not more than 1200 calories per day and burn 600 calories per day to achieve my desired weight by the end of 6 months.” This is a an example of a well defined goal.

All the best to you for creating your goals, and I hope you do find your higher purpose in life during stillness.

Happiness and sunshine:) Next week we explore more on this path, stay tuned.


P.S: To all my international readers, my mentor is looking to teach Patanjali Yoga Sutras in your country too. In case you are interested or connected with a person or group who would be willing to propagate this , do let me know.

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