Abundance – week 14

Hello dear friend, I hope you are enjoying your time here and have benefitted from the exercises discussed in the past 13 weeks from the know yourself series ranging from self love to self acceptance and self esteem. I am confident that you are now carrying no emotional baggage from the past and have mastered the art of forgiveness. I have no doubt that you now look forward to my weekly blogs and are happily following and growing in this year.

Today we shall focus on self care.

what is self care?

Self-care has been defined as, “a multidimensional, multifaceted process of purposeful engagement in strategies that promote healthy functioning and enhance well-being.” Self-care isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. Your self-care plan will need to be customized to your needs.

In general self care can be divided into 5 parts. Below is a list of question you should ask yourself under each heading and then customize your self care routine.

  • Physical self care
    • Are you getting adequate sleep?
    • Is your diet fueling your body well?
    • Are you taking charge of your health?
    • Are you getting enough exercise?
  • Social self care
    • Are you getting enough face-to-face time with your friends?
    • What are you doing to nurture your relationships with friends and family?
  • Mental self care
    • Are you making enough time for activities that mentally stimulate you?
    • Are you doing proactive things to help you stay mentally healthy?
  • Spiritual self care
    • What questions do you ask yourself about your life and experience?
    • Are you engaging in spiritual practices that you find fulfilling?
  • Emotional self care
    • Do you have healthy ways to process your emotions?
    • Do you incorporate activities into your life that help you feel recharged?

Yow will agree that the first step to self care is thinking happy thoughts. Your thoughts create you. Your world within creates your world outside, hence it is very imperative to choose your thoughts wisely. The mind is a monkey which keeps jumping from one thought to the other , all you have to do is tame that monkey and reduce the number of thoughts. Once you are able to do that then improving the quality of though wont be difficult for you.

Lets make this week a week of happy thinking. Next time you feel angry on someone, think on his/her qualities and shift from negative thinking to positive thinking and bless your mind.

1. You Choose How Happy You Are ( “I am fat”)

2. You CAN Train Your Brain to Think Happy Thoughts ( “I can be better”)

3. You Can Think Positive and Still Be Realistic ( “I’m so unfit but I am now exercising and I’m getting fitter every day!”

4. Add a “But” to Turn Your Unhappiness Into Happiness (“I feel like I will never lose weight, but I know there are other people who used to be exactly like me and made it happen!”)

5. The More You Get Used to Adding a “But,” the Better Happiness Results You Get (” I am good”)

Remember self care begins with a SMILE . Habitually take out mindful moments from your day, journal your experiences and praise yourself each day on doing this.

See you next week, until then, happiness and sunshine.


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