Abundance – week 13

Hello Friend, now that you have successfully learned to say no, refuse and reduce negative self talk you are one step closer to magnifying your self esteem.

It’s time to take responsibility. But when? NOW is the word for you. From this moment onwards you are accountable and fully responsible of your actions, thoughts and reactions.

A problem remains a problem unless someone owns up and take responsibility for the crisis. it’s your turn to take on responsibility now. And once you do it, magic happens. There is an instant shift it attitude. From being in the problem phase you suddenly find yourself in the solution mode weighing out possibilities and options.

So, stop blaming , stop complaining and take responsibility. Feel it’s empowering effect on your mind, body and emotions and observe how it puts you in the drivers seat giving charge of your own happiness.

Next week onwards we will speak on how you can build on self care in your life. Until then, happiness and sunshine 🙂

Make this an year of abundance.



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    1. Thank you so much. Hope you are following and shall benefit from the series.


      1. Yes, these write up are highly beneficial🌷

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      2. Feel great to hear this. Thank you so much for writing this to me.

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