Abundance – week 6

Hello Friend,

Now that you have cultivated self love over the past 5 weeks its time you move ahead and understand what stops you from accepting yourselves the way you are. The problem arises when you judge yourself for everything that you do. You need to learn to embrace yourself, make peace with your imperfections, understand why you do what you do and make room for improvement and make amends as and when needed.

before we begin I want you to answer one question; What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? What is the first thing that you notice? Do you observe your freckles and wrinkles or you thank your body and skin for holding up with you all these years? Do you thank your sense organs or you crib about your receding eyesight? Self acceptance is the key to self improvement.

You can be what you will to be.

lets begin this week with worthiness and building self worth. Understand what self worth is and learn how we can cultivate this. The first step in building self-worth is to stop comparing yourself to others and evaluating your every move; in other words, you need to challenge your critical inner voice. The critical inner voice is like a nasty coach in our heads that constantly nags us with destructive thoughts towards ourselves or others. This internalized dialogue of critical thoughts or “inner voices” undermines our sense of self-worth and even leads to self-destructive or maladaptive behaviors, which make us feel even worse about ourselves.

Mindful practice:

  1. Provide value and feel valuable; Be of service, which means providing value with no expectations of receiving anything in return. It contains the requirement that you give unconditionally.
  2. Keep your promises; Living up to your promises builds trust from others, and confidence in yourself, which leads to a better perspective of your worth. When you set achievable goals and put plans in place to meet them, you’ll experience a higher rate of success and simultaneously turn up your worthiness thermostat.
  3. Accountability means knowing you’re worthy; Accountability means that you don’t live in a world of blame, shame or justification. Rather, you take on all challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Ask yourself two questions when challenges arise: What did I do to attract it to myself? and What am I supposed to learn from it? When you shift your focus from “Why me” to ” Try me” and come out of the denial mode , you take charge of yourself and your life.

Hope this helps you develop self worthiness for yourself this week, please do write your comments in your journal and track your progress each week. See you next week.

Happiness and sunshine



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