Abundance – week 2

Now that you have successfully completed week 1, you know the drill. In case you have not, I urge you to visit here and complete the tasks.

Welcome to week 2 . This week is simple where in we talk about catching the sunshine in our daily mundane lives. How is it possible ? I hardly have time! Are you nuts, happiness amidst chores? Believe me, its is possible. All you need is a shift of perspective. To begin with you may create a happiness jar,

Expressing Gratitude is another sure shot way to happiness in daily life. The more you give the more you receive. Gratitude is contagious and blesses both the giver and the receiver. Not clear? Smile at someone and say thank you.

Third thing for this week is showing appreciation. Yes, we all love to be appreciated, yet all fail at giving the boost to others. We become misers in appreciating others. Why? Timing in appreciation is again very important. You cannot thank someone for opening the door for you after two days. Got it!.

Hope you have an abundant week 2, bagging sunshine. All the best and stay tuned for week 3 coming up next Monday.

Until then, Happiness and sunshine



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  1. codypitt says:

    Great work, solitude being replaced with rekindled, unharmful relationships. Awesome topic!

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    1. Thank you dear blogger. Do visit week 1 and the abundance program at leisure.

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      1. codypitt says:

        My last post is also geared around this topic. Check it out on a free minute!

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  2. Aw…..do I have to WAIT till next MONDAY?!!!

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