Making happiness a habit

Dear all,

It was my privilege to share a little about happiness and how we can cultivate it in our daily lives.

Do watch the link and leave your feedback for me.

Thank you for watching

Happiness and sunshine


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  1. krish says:

    Just listened to your talk with Suruchi..
    Yes happiness lies in the the small doesn’ t have to search for happiness lies within you every moment ..but unfortunately most of us don’t enjoy what we are doing daily ..we are just doing it for the money it gives ..not the satisfaction…we got to find our passion and follow it…

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    1. Yes, we need to find purpose. And make it a choice. We may not enjoy what we are doing daily, but there are still many reasons to be grateful and happy about. It could be the weather, to a smile, to your pet’s unconditional love. To the fact that you can read and write, some cannot even do this. Right !

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      1. krish says:

        Yes..but what you are related to moments not under your own control…what I am referring to are things in my control.. I should draw happiness from what I do…

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      2. I know it’s difficult, but the fact that you can do your job and earn is itself something to be happy about. There are many who don’t even have a job .

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  2. krish says:

    Nidhi , maybe we will have a discussion on the subject some other day. ..I am not an expert on the subject but still have views on it ..on being happy. a n Bhutan they have Gross happiness Index….not on income.

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    1. Sure , I will be happy to be of any help:) great chatting with you. Also Denmark is the happiness capital πŸ™‚


  3. krish says:

    Okk…it’s always good to gain from others…happiness is around us. .I am as happy in Delhi as maybe I will be in Denmark .

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      1. krish says:


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