Work from home

Mother and daughter duo


four books,

Monopoly and a snack.

Four minutes of quiet,

And now you are back.

Two more games,

Scissors and craft,

Time’s running none to spare.

TV while unfurling,

A nest from your hair.

I wind it up neatly,

In two little buns,

Answering questions quirky and fun.

And like that, it’s lunchtime

And I’ve got nothing done.


P.S: We are all facing the same dilemma in which work from home makes life more challenging and demanding, where is a sharp contrast between reality and thought.

Wishing you all the might to bear this until we reach a new normal.

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    1. Thank you stay safe


  1. krish says:

    So true…life in lockddown is not easy…

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    1. Yes, all we need to do is have faith and keep calm. This too shall pass


      1. krish says:


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  2. This is beautiful and so spot on!

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    1. Thank you , stay safe, stay happy


    1. Thank you so much

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      1. My absolute pleasure

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  3. Kellie says:

    So lovely! The extra time to spend with my children since we are all at home more has been so fun 👌

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  4. TravelerInMe says:

    Such a sweet poem and is that painting by you? Its lovely 😍

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    1. Yes, I did this while working from hone one day ! Daily musings ..

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      1. TravelerInMe says:

        It’s really very soulful. 🎨🖌️

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      1. Athira says:

        Most welcome🙏🏻

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