You’ve got mail ✉

memories on old pages

“Neatly folded,
With matching crease,
Sits in an envelope,
A thin crisp sheet.

Smudged letters,
Blots of ink,
Spelling errors,
And a personal feel.

Holding emotions,
Soaked with tears,
Of joy, of love,
And care too.

These scribbles,
Make paper dear,
Hid in the closet,
Or tucked in a drawer.

Bring back memories,
And memories,
Bring back you.”

In this digital age, letter writing has lost its essence. We now prefer auto correct to spelling errors and instant messaging to postcards. My grand parents would tell me about booking trunk calls and now we are just a buzz away. No waiting, no yearning to hear the voice of a dear one, now everything is at ease.The urge to talk, or the crave to hear someone is dying out. We talk without connect, forward messages without even reading them, and wish on special days with an emoji.

This lock down has compelled you and me to slow down and revive old treasures. Age old grandma recipes are now tried in modern kitchens. Children playing on streets again. We now have the time for fitness ans walks, family dinners are a welcome too. I found some letters and cards while cleaning by closet and silently wished for them to come back to life again too.

For this water colour project, I have used some old pages from novels and painted birds. Birds because they were the earliest messengers; carrying notes across lands. Sending you a gentle tweet via this saying “hello”.

Do you treasure these old memories like I do? Do you keep them hidden in your closet too?

happiness and sunshine.



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  1. krish says:

    The ‘ me time’ is back..and hope it stays…
    Beautiful expression

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you krish:)


      1. krish says:



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