You, me and the abstract

{You may ask, “Why a prefect picture on a not so perfect wall? I mean look at it. It’s not in sync?”}

What is this sync I ask?
Where are my manners?
Why does everything need be perfect?
Why every click a fairy tale?

Why think out of the box?
When all I have to do is colour in the box?
Why a princess awaits her prince?
Do they really live happily ever after?

I found some resolve in abstract,
Where I get to choose,
Not just colours,
But shapes,
And sizes too.
Where the mind is free,
And goes with the flow,
And every stroke,
Creates a shade new.

Is life not abstract?
I mean who did knew?
You and me would meet like this?
Lock downed not just 1 or 2 but for days few.
Is this perfect ? I don’t know!
You reap only what you sow.
Yet you are, where you are,
Smiling in all awkward.

I want to grow old with you,
Laugh, live and let live you,
Such that even the most imperfect,
Becomes perfect for me and you.
No happily ever afters please,

But a life we love and enjoy at ease.

Life is no less than abstract art. Infused shades of joy and hurt, tumbles and creates new shapes at every turn. Varied in hues textures and designs, yet blending in all smoothness and harmony. It’s life. Emotions breathing on paper. And life the proof of its existence.

Happiness and sunshine



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