Give the time some time…

No doubt Corona has spread all over the globe but to contain it we somehow need to come out of fear and anxiety which will make things worse.
Need to think positive to keep mental state in balance otherwise people will suffer more from mental disorders and other diseases.The disease has only 4 percent death rate that also to elderly.
80 percent people respond to simple medicine and recover.apart from taking safety measures .You need to stay calm and be positive.

The following exercise will help you in being positive

β€’ Every day in the morning stand in front of the mirror, look into your eyes
Breath normally
Looking in to your eyes in the mirror as say the following sentences to your self .
These sentences are known as affirmations.
An affirmation is a positive sentence, the problems in your life are because of the negative thoughts that you have been having and these positive thoughts( sentences ) said to yourself on a daily basis will help you to train your subconscious mind to think positive.

1.I am healthy being.
2.I have a good immune system I can not get it..
3.The virus is disappearing and will completely disappear within some period of time..
4.Most of the people are recovering, infected by the virus..

You can repeat these affirmations 3 times a day.

Stay calm and mentally strong and positive it will definitly help u to keep ur self away from losing the immune strength which is much needed at this point of time..
Once again.stay calm.
Don’t panic..take safety measures.

Happiness and sunshine



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  1. Mayur says:

    Precaution is good for everyone,
    Safe is better than sorry.

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      1. Mayur says:

        Yes otherwise we go on

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