Mindful nurture ❤️

When you speak of “parent-centric” parenting it is highly rebuked by both parents and children calling you mean. Next came “child- centric” parenting which presented its challenges too, here the child became the centre of the universe and got into your head.

Coming to parenting style, there are many from helicopter parents to snow plough parents. From permissive parents to neglectful parents. Let’s review this for another day.

Today the most effective parenting should be the “relationship- centric” parenting. Coming to the recent situation of the coronavirus which had encapsulated the world, forcing all parents and children to stay at home, harmony and peace boils down to the type of relationship which exists between the two generations.

Where parents keep pointing out mistakes, the relationship strains. The child feels the disconnect and the parent feels loss of respect. Instead if you can rewrite mistakes to mis- takes it fosters mindful parenting.

Mis- takes gives both an opportunity to re visit the situation with mindfulness and calm. This open minded approach not only solves problems but also helps in shifting the focus from the problem to finding the solution itself.

Wishing you all a sane time at home with your little ones and not so little ones too…

Happiness and sunshine 🌼



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