A colourful tale

Yellow for joy, get “redy” to love
Spread the greens and beat the blues
Shun the black and seek the gold
Why shiver? When see a silver?
Purple casts nasty spells
while White rings ghostly bells.

Thank you eyes for the myriad I see,
For I know of many who cannot see.
Blind not by sight,but my mind,
Who squeeze the lemon and leave the rind.

Pull out the curtains and raise the bar
For I have lands to conquer near not far

What makes me red
And spins my head?
What brings my yellow
And tames me mellow?
What’s my green?
Is it my favourite dream!
With the blurry blues
Why did my happiness flew?

Today I sit wearing my white
White in my head and not in clothes
Repainting every window and door
Stains! They worry me no more.

Not scared to venture with purple
Or afraid what teal might steal.
I look at what I just made
Non-judgemental of tint or of shade.

The hues now invite me to new experiences
Graduating me from thought to thought
Not every red is angry
Not every green is new

Nature is a treasure cove
Infusing and inspiring hope
Where every colour stays in sync
Blending in a natural link

No lotus blooms fully pink
Without a hint of yellow like a little wink
A humble pear and in it a sunny patch
Stay married like a perfect match

Matt or nude , heavy or light
Make up,what you may like
Paint only the body
And not the soul

For the light within is always white
Dim or dull or shiny or bright
Mother of all colours she dispels
Every colour has a story to tell

Colour is there in every mood
In happiness and sadness too
Tarry a little and you can tell
How they cast a magical spell

Eat the rainbow
Choose the fruit
Go green
And plastic free

Save the blue
Plant a green
Donate red
And bleed blue

Colour divides
Colour unites
Colour speaks
Colour cries

Grow up I say! Forget the colour
Savour it’s very nature

Will it be boring?
You may ask
Different is the new trend
Monochrome not my friend

Coloured, dual or mono few
Don’t forget to stand in the queue
Mix and create a different hue
Congratulations on a new you

Be the colour of every cheek
In you happiness they seek
Be the reason for every smile
For you are here just for a while

Find joy in shady tones
In blurry nights and winter snows
Bring out the sun in your soul
And sunshine will kiss your door

Colours I see none cries the blind
Everything is black to me
But my mind has variety
It colours everything new

Like the elephants my friends saw
I can see some too
Magical shades of grey
At the gardens by the bay.

When black is the new orange
And white is the new tea
Why restrict colours
For just you and me?

~ Nidhi

Happiness and sunshine

what does colour mean to you? Do share in the comments below and spread the cheer …