Who is Durga?

माँ, यह दुर्गा क्या है?

पूछा मेरी बेटी ने ।

क्या ये केवल मूर्त हैं,

या है इसमें कोई जान?

कौन है ये? कहाँ से आती?

जाती कहा है ये?

(Who is Durga?my daughter asked. Is she a image? Or is she alive? Where does she come from and where does she stay?)

छोटी से है पर इतने सवाल,

कहा से आया ये ख़याल?

उसको आपने पास बिठाया,

बालों को उसके सहलाया।

हाथ पकड़ कर बोला जब,

सुनते रह गयी प्यारी तब।

( so young but full of questions, I made her sit beside me. Ran my fingers in her hair held her hand and said…)

ग़लती आगार स्वीकार सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

सबको जो तुम प्यार करो

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

ग़लत को जो सुधार सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

तकलीफ़ में मुस्कुरा सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम।

( when you can accept your mistakes,love everyone, correct your faults and smile in pain, then you are Durga ..)

ख़ुशियाँ जो तुम बाँट सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

आँसू अगर तुम पौछ सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

सच के जो तुम साथ बढो

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

ख़ुद की बात जो कह सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम।

(When you can share your happiness and console a crying soul, when you can rise with the truth and speak your mind, then you are Durga)

ना अगर जो बोल सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

माफ़ सबको कर सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

मन को अपने जीत सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

निडर जीवन जी सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम।

(When you can say no, learn to forgive people,conquer your mind and live life fearlessly, then you are Durga..)

नाम रोशन कर सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

इज़्ज़त सबसे पा सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

दया जो दिखला सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम,

ख़ुद को जो पहचान सको

तो दुर्गा हो तुम ।

(When you can make yourself proud,and gain respect from others, let go of your thoughts and recognise yourself , then you are Durga..)

बात काटी, खाड़ी हो गयी

आँखें उसके चमक उठीं,

जिससे ढूँढती इधर उधर

वो तो मेरे पास मिलीं,

ना कहीं आना, ना कही जाना

मुझमें ही है वो बसीं,

ख़ुद को जो पहचान लिया

अब मैं ही अपनी दुर्गा हूँ ।

( she stopped me and stood up, with eyes shining bright. I was looking for her here and there but found her in myself. Now that I understood myself , I am my own Durga.)

ख़ुद को जो पहचान लिया

अब मैं ही अपनी दुर्गा हूँ ।




10 Comments Add yours

  1. arv! says:

    So well said. We try to get power and energy from the divine sources completely forgetting that we ourselves generate them. Isn’t it an irony that we worship unknown whereas we take those present for granted- the humans? The divine can only inspire us.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes and these festivals are a true reminder to us if the presence of the divine and its divinity;)


  2. Very well-written. You replicated the concept of “Shivoham”… yes we need to realise it and the day we realise it in true sense… we get nirvana!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Harbans says:

    You, through your tiny-tot have conveyed everything which are the chief traits of MAA DURGA JI – the ONE who is compassionate to the core but when need be SHE becomes ferocious to exterminate the evil thus protect the hapless amongst us.

    A wonderfully extraordinarily worded poem with deep meaning.

    May the bounties of MAA Durga Ji remain flowing in all of us.

    Thanks and regards,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for this beautiful ans blissful wish . Yes May her strength remain in all in all it’s humbleness 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Harbans says:

        Thanks and regards.

        Liked by 1 person

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