Do you agree with this?

I met with this image scrolling on Instagram and now I am curious. How many of you really agree to this?

Is this not a bribe? What are we doing? Yes they will agree to do the chores but on compulsion and not by choice. They will never value them or understand their importance in their lives instead will take it as a stepping stone to watching their favourite gadgets.

How good is this? The child may read but not comprehend, pack his bag but leave his books, wash their hands but forget to brush, relax their body but not their mind.

Are gadgets so important? This is my question to you and how do you justify it?

Looking for answers…

Happiness and sunshine🌼



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  1. I so agree with you. We are teaching our children some activities are “chores” – hurdles to get over before you can have “fun” — with gadgets. Isn’t duality in our thinking the source of all our problems? So moments/events/circumstances are good and others bad – and we spend our life waiting and looking for the good ones. Now, if we program the children to think even the day to day actions like “reading” are not-good, how can they ever become balanced happy people? Just my two little little naya paisa views. 🙂

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    1. That’s right Krishnapriya , they are programmed to think that chores, relaxing , reading are really not important but ways that bring them
      Closer to gadgets. It’s sad when parents offer to bribe them with these things which in the long run hamper more than being constructive. We decide to go the easy way, because disciplining them is a tedious and time consuming task . After all parenting is an art.

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      1. Oh yes! And a responsibility – to create a beautiful future for all of us. Thank you for these thought provoking posts!

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      2. I was taken back when I saw this , and curiosity led me into blogging this post. Glad it resonates with you 🙂

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  2. We are entwined in this never ending materialistic world

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    1. Yes agree, but setting limits is possible .

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      1. Always. Mind can always be tamed 😊

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  3. pvcann says:

    Yes to that list.

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    1. And how about the last line ?

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      1. pvcann says:

        Indeed, a discipline needs to be established otherwise people will not be able to resist self-indulgence.

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  4. dominixpilot says:

    I think the reason this is making the rounds on social media has basically nothing to do with anything but the last line. Screen time is an epidemic, ill-equipped parents are desperate for answers and will cling to any window dressing that lets them say what they should be saying without caveat, “You can play with gadgets only in a way that I think is healthy for you”.

    Too much screen time is a real problem. Let’s attack that rather than an IG meme that speaks to people suffering from an electronic intrusion into their lives.

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    1. Yes there needs to be a limit to screen time, monitoring and control is extremely important . Thank you for bringing this up .


  5. Chores in life or responsibilities are more important than other activities in a child’s life. The sooner the child learns this the better for all concerned. It may seem cruel, or difficult, but it is far better for the child to learn what it means to have something meaningful to do, however small, than to just use free time for play. (in my opinion)

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    1. Great , thanks for sharing your valuable opinion 🙂

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