How we transformed a normal morning to a mindful morning :)

8am today we decided to have some fun. Break the monotony and add some laughter to an otherwise mundane Saturday morning. We pulled out our tent under the canopy of white and pink bougainvillea flowers. Threw in some cushions, laid out some chairs, Sparsh arranged for music while I managed breakfast and viola we were ready for our mini camp retreat.

Since I wanted some carrots for the rice vermicelli the children pulled out some fresh from out kitchen garden and helped me chop them too. Once done they headed out to water the plants with the water sprinkler.

Breakfast was served in the tent with a glass of milk for each. The rock and roll playing on the speaker was put on hold and instead they decided to enjoy their breakfast mindfully.

The chirping of the birds filled the ears,

While the cool breeze settled fears.

The body rested on the bed of grass,

The small little flys kept flying pass.

The humming bees did disturb at times,

Tingling the sound came from wind chimes.

The sun peeked through the mosquito net,

While the children wished for a dog to pet.

The leaves rustled in the back ground,

Making our garden the perfect playground.

The blue and red hue inside,

Coloured life with immense pride.

They had their food without noise,

What a blissful morning radiating joys.

Now, it was not easy to pull out the kids from the tent until I promised to make this happen again as often I can. Ready to start the day ahead they headed out with a happy smile πŸ™‚

This is my attempt at teaching mindfulness to my kids. Taking baby steps now for a mindful tomorrow.

Have you also done something out of the box just for fun? Do share your story in the comments below.

Happiness and sunshine,



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  1. V.J. Knutson says:

    How fun. It’s been a while since my children were little, but I liked to change things up too, especially if stress was getting the better of us. Now that I’m a Grandma the possibilities are limitless, lol.

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    1. Being a grand parent has its own joys. So happy to heat this from you πŸ™‚

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  2. Nitin says:

    How very pleasing and alluring..beautifully penned nidhi πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you my dear friend πŸ™‚


  3. Looks like a fun time was had by all and certainly was a fun post Nidhi

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    1. Oh yes , the kids and myself had a wonderful
      Morning .

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  4. Wow, that’s funπŸ’–

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    1. Yes, it was indeed a blissful morning filled with laughter and sunshine πŸ™‚

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      1. That’s really fun activity with Kids, that’s really great ideaπŸ‘πŸ˜‡

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  5. Wow -this had me wishing that my kids were little again so that I could relive the beautiful moments of their childhood πŸ™‚
    Loved the way mindfulness was made so much fun with natural elements – and the beautiful poem summed it up so beautifully – way to go Nidhi πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    1. Thank you Neeta πŸ™‚ it was a blessed morning and we just decided to spend it mindfully . The kids and myself had a blast. Appreciate these thoughts from your side. Anushka and Sid are blessed to have you and Jaysheel as their parents mentors and guide πŸ™‚


  6. Wow this is awesome and so nice to see u all having a good time. Even when my children were young we would go for a holiday and enjoy for those days. Thanks for the beautiful share, Nidhi .

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience and letting me know. It’s the simple joys in life that the children cherish. They need our time and not gifts .

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      1. Yes I so agree with you. Welcome always.

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  7. Khusbu says:

    Oh wow.. what fun!!
    Beautiful penned downed also.
    Nidhi hats off to you so much patience you have..

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    1. Thank you my dear , who knows me better than you πŸ™‚ we had a fun filled morning with giggles and some mind. As a result Anaya wants to go camping for her birthday this time.


  8. Jade M. Wong says:

    Your kids are beautiful! And it sounds like they had a fun morning πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes they enjoyed every minute of that blissful Saturday morning πŸ™‚ thanks for landing here πŸ™‚

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  9. Your words bring joy and come out seemingly effortless for you. I’m glad I have found your blog, very inspiring and a breath of fresh air! I love the word and thought of mindfulness! We try to teach and live that way as well! ❀️

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    1. I am so happy to hear this from you . Glad that you find my blog inspiring and that it breaths freshness . I love mindfulness and try to put it into practice as much . I am slowing introducing it to my children in a way that’s fun and effective.
      So happy to connect with you too πŸ™‚ happiness and sunshine

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      1. I can tell that you are a really great mom!

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      2. Thanks that’s a huge compliment πŸ™‚

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      3. Only one beautiful soul can appreciate the other πŸ™‚ glad for this connect

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      4. ❀️ I am looking forward to reading more and getting to know and encourage each other!

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      5. Absolutely πŸ™‚ the feelings are mutual .

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  10. Wonderfully narrated. Enjoyed every moment of it. So glad to see the different from routine day you people enjoyed.

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    1. Oh we had so much fun πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing your thoughts !

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      1. My pleasure Bunny….☺

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  11. msw blog says:

    what a fun way to create mindfulness and memories. You and your readers may enjoy this post on the topic

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    1. Thank you for the appreciation . Will hop on to your post now 🌼

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