A Mindful Walk

“Something in the solitude sings to

You , in words so beautiful you won’t forget them even if you don’t write them down . But you will “

A mindful walk

The sky begins to loose its colour,

As I pace to up and down the street,

My walking shoes rub against the road,

As I enter a perfumed lane.

Hooked on to my music,

I unplug and pause,

Filling my lungs with its fragrance,

Looking for the amber flowers.

And there I spot some way up from my reach,

I stare at them embracing their scent,

I feel like the fox unable to reach the grapes.


Instantly gratitude lifts me and smiles at me,

I inhale deeply soaking in its perfume,

And happily walk past them,

Only to be treated by some purple blooms.

Happiness and sunshine


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