Iceland in a Terrarium


From waterfalls to lava lands

Boiling earth to snowy peaks,

From sunshine to rainy days

Lush greens to black and greys,

From melting ice to frozen lips

Ice caves to lava caves,

From national parks to barren lands

Puffins to diving whales,

From floating glaciers to frozen lakes

Misty mornings to foggy days,

From deep craters to high mounts

Clear waters to hot springs,

From horses to white dolphins

Curvy roads to steep cliffs,

From basalt columns to icy glaciers

Black beach to diamond beaches,

From furry sheep to native birds

Running streams to silent shores,

From pungent air to fresh breeze

Sunshine to northern lights,

When all of these come on one land

That dream land is called ICELAND.

I self made this terrarium to relive Iceland each day and not just keep it in my memories.

This is how I made it …

Materials used :

Flat glass bowl

Blue stones for the water

Coco peat for the soil

Coal for the rocks

Mud for the mountain base

Black pebbles from the black beach

Chalk powder for snow

Coal powder for black mountains

Dried leaves and flowers for the landscape

Hot glue for the waterfall

Fresh greens for the trees

Iceland model house

How to make it:

Clean the glass bowl with warm water and towel dry. First layer with coal and spread some coco peat. Next make three cone shape mounts and place it on one side.

Next place the blue stones near and in between the mountains for water effect. Then lay the Iceland house model.

Place the black pebbles for the landscape and put the dried leaves and flowers to represent the landscape.

Next put powdered coal on mounts for black effect and place the greens beside and behind the house for trees.

Later hot glue on blue stones and in between two mountains for water effect.

Lastly sprinkle chalk powder for the snowy effect , just remember not to overdo it.

Ta da … your terrarium is done πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoy my poetry and terrarium, happiness and sunshine,


Since you have enjoyed this , I am sure you will love these too

The Golden Circle, Iceland

An icy encounter – Jokulsarlon glacier

Rekyavik – The heart of Iceland

Star kissed black beach in Iceland


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautifully written! Love the positivity you shower in all your blogs! Life is good . It’s just how we choose to see it and I love that you leave us with positivity in each one of your blogs! Incredible! Happiness blogs are few ! Keep going strong!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sudha for such beautiful words. This makes my day sunnier and worthy. Words like these keeps me going, keep encouraging and keep sharing.

      I am so glad we connected and equally glad that you stopped by on my blog today.
      Happiness infects , stay infected πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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