7 tips for coping when your spouse travels ✈️

Believe me when I say that whether you have a toddler or a pre schooler, managing kids and yourself while your spouse travels on work is not easy.

What can you expect

1. longer days

2. Sleepless nights

3. Separation anxiety

4. Tired shoulders

5. Nervous breakdowns

This happens every time with me when my husband travels. Although it gives me some me time and helps bond better , it is equally frustrating to not share the bed with him for days together.

After 13 years of marriage and his countless travels I figured out these 7 tips , which help me remain sane while he is gone.

1. Make the most of the day : Instead of lazy morning , try getting up earlier than usual and wrap up things better to avoid tension and maintain sanity. Preparing for the day the night before specially with uniforms and food allows me to focus without much adieu.

2. Workout : Replace and replenish the unhappy hormones with happy hormones released during and after workouts. It keeps tension at bay. Do check out my self love series keep smiling.

3. Early dinners : Eat with your children , tuck them to bed early, head for a warm shower and snooze early. This not only balances your metabolism but also gives you time to meditate and close the day peacefully. Try to put the screen off , this not only disturbs sleeps but will make you miss your spouse even more.

4. Enjoy the me time : Make friends with creativity and soak in it in your free time, however little it may be. Do things that make you happy. Take a nap if that feels right for you or take a walk. Do something that does not involve anyone else but you .

5. Learn to multitask : When your spouse is away , you are everything to your child. Their driver , nurse , cook teacher and parent at the same time. So keep cool and carry on. Patience is the key.

6. Ask for help : You will be surprised to see how your own children can help you when you ask their help. Involve your kids in age appropriate chores and get work done in no time. Make work fun for them and get things done with ease. Never underestimate your child. Check out my post on chores here .Also do not hesitate to ask help from friends and family when needed.

7. Make use of technology : Keep his/her itinerary handy. Check on whereabouts and send messages here and there. A cute emoji or a simple hi whatever helps you connect. But don’t expect an answer right then please. Face Time with daddy is a must for my children and me.

De – stress yourself, follow a routine , make a goal and carry on. And as my husband always says , don’t crib on the phone. This I think is most difficult 🙂 Do you agree? Do we sail the same boat?  Are you the travelling spouse ?

Do share your thoughts and enlighten me.

Happiness and sunshine



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