Make the happiness count this children’s day !

Make that happiness count this children’s day!

When a mother plays games on her child

Her world turns upside down.

When a father forgets judgement

Her world shatters a little more.

Her parents her guide

But what when they decide to taker her ride?

Her silence screams,bangs closed doors

As she sobs on the floor.

Why do parents blame?

Why can’t they explain?

The already confused mind puzzles more

Trying to figure out what more ?

Why does love gives way to ego ?

Where does all the warmth go?

As parents let’s promise to hear her

Gather her and cheer her.

This children’s day bring out the child in you

And you will know she is not different than you .

Hey, do I need to say more ? Stop demanding , start respecting …

Happiness and sunshine


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