Dance of JOY !

8:00 am,Today: I turn on the radio and while it connects I go to my dresser to comb my hair. The music plays …

I feel love..

When I look into your eyes


( as I happen to look at myself in the mirror )


I believe..

If you move out from my side

I’ll be loosing, I’ll be losing

Grip on you.. grip on you


( I feel a connection with myself, as if I am knowing myself for the first time )


(I leave the comb and stare long at myself and then as if pulled by strings of a puppet my body begins to sway . My arms fly and my feet become light. I twirl around in my room, making delicate moves, I dance carelessly. I stretch to touch the sky my hair keeps caressing my face , I become fluidic. Eyes closed, fully attuned with the music I keep fluttering..


Dekho kareeb se

Mile hai naseeb se

Aayega pal yeh phir kahan

Aaj achanak tumse mile hum

Yeh toh nahin hai bewajah

Puchho zara is dil se

Hum hain mile mushkil se

Kal phir na ho hum jo yahan


(The song finishes and the jarring sound of the RJ awakens my consciousness .Tears of joy keep rolling down my cheeks flushed with happiness I wish myself a good morning !)


Gazab ka hai din, socho zara

Yeh deewanapan, dekho zara

Tum ho akele, hum bhi akele

Maza aa rahaan hai

Kasam se.. kasam se

#gratitude #happiness #selflove

Happiness and sunshine


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    1. Yes , missed you around . Hope all well ?

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      1. πŸ™‚ yes I’m good by God’s undying grace, how are the kids?

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      2. They are good growing day by day ..

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      3. Sure , thanks Tammy ! Hugs to you too

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  1. roninjax says:

    Lovely. I like the photo as well with its beauty and charm.

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  2. velvetscreams says:


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    1. Thank you , glad you stopped by


  3. Wonderful poem! Sorry to be here late after your comment, but I found your comment in my spam folder. 😦

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    1. No worries , better late than never πŸ™‚ I am so happy to heat that you found the post wonderful . Many thanks for your comment 🌼

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      1. Me too! πŸ™‚

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