Calling Kindness!


The mother nurses her ailing son,

The clouds collide to quench the earth,

The seeds sprout birthing green twins,

The sun shines on snowy tops,

Why do they have to do this?

Is it not kind of them to do their part?

Where do they get this kindness from?

How do they make themselves so selfless?

Where do they get the inspiration from?

How can they give anonymously?

Is it sold in market place?

In malls or in online space?

NO, comes the answer from the inner soul,

It is deep rooted inside your core.

Look inside your racing heart,

Awaken your inner self,

Loving – kindness lies in each of you

Active or dormant depends on you!


Happiness and sunshine as always ,



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    1. Thanks dear πŸ™‚

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