10 ways in which water influences human behaviour!

Sugar or salt,water takes it all …

My then 6 yr old was asked to do some experiments with water to understand what floats , sinks or dissolves in water. She took an A4 sheet and started to pen down her observations. While she was only interested in the outcomes and finish her assignment it gave me enough food for thought.

So humble at its origin water is present in  all that’s living and is one of the 5 elements that constitute human body. Try staying deprived of water for a couple of hours and you will know how important it is.

Today I want to talk about the correlation between human behaviour and water. I have curated a list of 10 life lessons we get from water .

  1. Fluidity : Water is always flowing and finding direction, it never gives up. Just like life water too cannot be confined. Ever noticed a drop of water , it makes a pattern around it trying to reach more direction depending on its surface tension. Can you remain sad for eternity? Or promise to remain happy forever ? No ! You cannot confine your emotions and corresponding behaviour too. All you do , it just go with the flow. Be free . Move like racing waves across the surface of life and ripple towards what your heart desires.

Did you know your soul is fluid too. You are both in and outside your body at the same time .


2. Salt or sugar ,Water takes it all: Both salt and sugar dissolve in water alike. What changes is only its taste. Life is like water ,all we need to do is learn to make lemonade when it throws lemons. Paints, coffee and other soluble substances are like other human emotions which again are an inseparable part of life .

3. Human Behaviour : Water is as gentle and pure as baby and as mighty and torturous as a beast. Dip your hands into a flowing stream and you will get mesmerized by its caress. While surfing against a wave can bring miseries to you. Be yielding , water can crash , but it can also give . Be gentle , generous and patient .

Behave like water , flowing around the obstacles encountered,but never ever forget the objective :The Sea. Adapt to the circumstances. accept without complaining but never divert from your motive. Experience the strength of water within you: It cannot be shattered by a hammer ,or wounded by a knife.Even the strongest sword in the world cannot scar its surface.

water 2

Water holds no prejudice , it does not ask permission ,water just does. Water pushes its way through whatever obstacle it encounters with gentle or great force because water always gets what it wants. Don’t be afraid to make a splash when facing new shores.

4. Refuse and sink : Water very smartly refuses to dissolve all that is unnecessary and let’s them sink in. Just like all debris you should also sink it all that it disturbing the mind and not let it float on the surface of your mind. And let only fragrant petals float on your surface adding perfume and calm to your life.

This is very effectively explained by a chemistry professor Prakash Iyer in his study ,read the full report  here. 

5. Peaceful : While storms may visit , they never last ,and calm water will triumph once more. Every wave moves in pattern. It dips to trough once it reaches its crest. But what is more interesting is that there is a gap , a stillness between two crests. And once you know how to mediate between the gap you will find ultimate peace.

Master Choa Kok Sui ,founder of pranic healing ,once took his disciples on a boat ride. On reaching the middle of the lake he asked his students what they saw obviously they admired the beauty of the lake and it’s freshness. But when master asked them to observe the waves and meditate in between its rising and falling they experienced ultimate peace.

water 6

6. Harmonious : The sea supports all kinds of life , large and small . All you need to do is make space for the opposite to coexist . A drop of water is same for all. It does not differentiate between caste or religion, rich or poor ,old or new.

7. Connection: Just like every water connects into the ocean and you cannot differentiate between the water from the different seas , everything you do echoes into the universe and even a smallest change can build into positive life momentum.  So fragile at its source, it gradually gathers the strength of other rivers it encounters and plunges into the sea. After a certain point its powers is absolute. you cannot expel that one drop from the sea,because it is no longer a drop anymore.

8. Cleanses : Ever felt tired after coming out of the water ? Ever wondered why people living near the beaches are happier than you ? Well , this is because water not only cleanses our body it cleanses our aura too. The salt in the water disintegrates negativity and water dissolves it completely . Try taking a salt water bath after a tired day , and you shall know what I mean .

9. Be unpredictable: One can never gage the movement of water . Water always finds its way. Try blocking it several times and you will find it taking a different route each time. You need be unpredictable in your behaviour too . Imagine staying quiet in an argument or admitting mistake before being accused .click here to know what I mean.


10. Water is beautiful : Water teaches us to appreciate the beauties in life. It takes any form and is present in all states of matter. Whether solid , liquid or gas , water has beauty in every form and every form is equally important for the ecosystem and human development. As humans we find beauty in its calmness. A walk by the walk is a prefect way to de stress the mind. Ever tried listening to water inspired nature sounds while doing yoga or while meditation. Its beautiful.

water 5

“In order to control myself I must first accept myself by going with and not against my nature.” – BE LIKE WATER , is  Bruce Lee’s the metaphor for resilience .

Mindful practice :

Be like water for a week and notice the change in your behaviour and thoughts.

Observe :

Observe your heart pumping fastest when in rage. Now drink a glass of water and re examine your breathing pattern .

Happiness and sunshine



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  1. This is so good Nidhi.
    Absolutely loved the way this post flows!!
    I’m glad I dropped by. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Radhika , I am so glad that you loved the post . It’s good to see you here ! Keep dropping by 🙂 have a beautiful day !

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  2. A great in-depth look at what we can learn about life through water!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know your thoughts 🙂


  3. Beautifully put.. such a novel way to relate life with water.. amazed.. 😇😇

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    1. Glad you found the context amazing .
      So happy to hear from you , thanks for stopping by 🙂

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      1. It was my pleasure totally.. 😇😇

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      2. Do check my other posts too :₹


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