What stops you from being compassionate ?

What stops you from being compassionate ?

Is it lack of empathy or non concern for someone’s feelings ? Is it your selfishness or ego ? What is it ? Is it authority or demonstration of power that hinders you to be compassionate or is it the circumstances ?

I asked a group of people to give me their top reasons for non compassion and this is what I inferred –

  • Anger , but are you anger ? No it’s just a thought form .
  • Self protection , does non compassion guarantee protection and not make you vulnerable ?
  • Fear of intimacy, really ? Practice self defence then .
  • Fear of self discovery, you think this is a threat ? Don’t you want to know the real you ?

All this is crap. Compassion has nothing to do with the outside world or with other people or with emotions or thoughts.

Compassion is the other name of self love . You need to love yourself unconditionally to feel love within you and then only can you shower love around you. Loving kindness and compassion opens up the heart chakra, which enables you to love and appreciate the beauty in everything and everyone around you irrespective of situations and motives.And once it opens up then situations do not matter , all that matters is your own discernment .

“When we make that one effort to feel compassion instead of blame or self blame ,the heart opens again and continues opening ”

Correct me if I am wrong , I have often seen parents take out their anger their frustration on their kids. Normally the child becomes prey to the parents stress and discomfort. Do you belong to the same gang? Why cannot we show compassion towards our own children but behave our best with others ?

Compassionate living makes you listen to your inner self and like most adults children like to be heard and understood as well.

Next time you hear yourself telling your child how s/he should be feeling or what s/he should be thinking or doing , stop and listen to what your child has to say .

Have a heart folks and live in compassion.Treat your children in the manner you want them to treat you . Don’t just discount them because they are kids.


How you react to your child’s doubts and problems as opposed to your friend’s ? Do you shoo away your friends like you do to your kids?

Happiness and sunshine



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