What’s in the motive ?

Like I said in my previous post I do not care about being original , being authentic is important. Similarly I am often asked,” why do you write “? What is the purpose ? Who reads it ?

Then there are another set of people who ask , “how many likes did you get ? Are the likes bought or are they organic ? How many people shared or commented on your content and how many people did you reach ? ” can we help you with our PR expertise? How about boosting your posts and making it viral ? Etc .

All these brings me down to one question , “what is my motive ?”

As mentioned in my blog anniversary post , sunniesmybunnies is my happiness project. My motive is not to help others but to help myself. How ? By documenting this I am evolving myself towards betterment. I am beginning to become mindful to myself and live in gratitude and happiness. I have learnt that :

Every time I complain about how difficult and tiresome my life is for me, I am scaring away happiness from myself.

I like what I do , and most importantly I enjoy what I do. I do not intend to change you, I intend to change myself !

Question :

What’s your motive in life ? Why do you do what you do ? For instance , why did you read this ? And now that you have , do you think it makes sense ?

Happiness and sunshine



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  1. Of course it makes sense! Don’t do what you do to please others, do what you do to please God and to make you become a better person! Blessings , love and peace to you! ❤ xxoo

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    1. Thank you Tammy for this genuine reply ! Have a fantastic day !

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      1. You’re welcome much girlie!!! 🙂 ❤ thank you too!

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  2. arv! says:

    I think blogging evolved as a platform for one to express and share. It only in recent years that monetization got attached with it changing the whole equation. Do what appeals to you, Nidhi. After all, you decide on what it brings to you. Keep blogging.

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