What’s permanent in the temporary ?


Recently when I visited the salon for a hair cut , the hair dresser asked “ Mam, why don’t you colour your hair”?
To which I replied “No , I don’t want chemicals on my hair”
He nodded and said “Its worth a try and its temporary, do consider sometime “
“Not sure “ I said and allowed him to lather my hair with enough shampoo, while I soaked in the experience.

It was Friday evening , and on my evening stroll ,I happened to meet my girl friends. They were discussing about their permanent tattoos. Each proudly displayed hers and exchanges its significance in their own lives.
One asked “when are you inking yourself with one?”
I was startled , I don’t like this idea very much. “May be sometime later “I declined politely.
Last evening Sparsh, my son was discussing temporary and permanent as  concepts with me. We also discussed about some changes which cannot be undone like metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly.And some temporary ones like the water turning into ice and ice melting into water again.
It did not take me too long to conclude that “My tattoos are permanent but my body is temporary”. My living is only temporary but my soul is immortal. 

I want to live the most vividly decorated temporary life physically,emotionally,spiritually and intellectually. I don’t want to be afraid of bright colours,new sounds,big love,risky decisions,strange experiences or weird endeavors or sudden changes or even failure.

Go out folks and soak yourself in the unique experiences of life and live life to its fullest. Love yourself, and the world shall love you in return. As far as I am concerned will give hair colour or tattoos a try sometime 🙂

Happiness and sunshine



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  1. misschauhan says:

    Woww! You are an amazingly inspiring writer.👍🏻 keep up the good work and I look forward to more post from you.

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    1. OMG this makes my day even brighter and happier . Glad that you find value in my writings . Thrilled to have you on board happiness and sunshine 🙂

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  2. Basant says:

    Your writing is awesome all what you say are from day to day practical things and its connect immediately. All the best madam keep sharing your writings

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    1. Thank you for these kind words and for your encouragement 🙂


  3. Aj says:

    Permanent are the memories we make and live with forever and leave behind, temporary are the objects we buy that we believe give us happiness. Happiness lies within us which is permanent, we just need to find it

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    1. Wow this is profound . Thanks for sharing Aj .


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