Happy Mother’s Day ,Mom

To Mom,

At an age when peeing in my pants was all I did, you cleaned me and wiped the mess,

At an age when crying was all I knew, you comforted me and off went my tears,

At an age when I stayed awake all night, you cuddled me in your arms and sang lullaby’s,

You know why I did these? To have you close to me and only me.

At an age when I bruised my leg, you dressed my wound and made me strong,

At an age when I wrote all wrong, you corrected me and read along,

At an age when I was cranky, you played with me with barbie dolls,

You know why I did these? To have you close to me and only me.

At an age when I stumbled, you held my hand and took decisions,

At an age when I went partying, you made sure I was safe,

At an age when I played mischief, you caught my pranks and laughed,

You know why I did these? To have you close to me and only me.

And when you got me married, I cried.

I cried not because of the fear of the unknown,

but because I was leaving you,

and because I knew you would not be close to me.

And today I value all the sacrifices you made

I value all the meals you cooked,

I value all the hardships you faced,

I value all the tears we shared and jokes we laughed,

I value all the happiness you showered,

And you know why? because I AM A MOTHER NOW!

I cannot thank you for what you have done for me,

Instead I am grateful to you to have had ME.

On this Mother’s Day May 13th, 2018, I don’t want to buy you expensive gifts, or send flowers to you. Neither can I take you out for a date for I am not physically present with you today. All I want is to fulfil your one undiscovered long-lasting wish which must be hidden in your heart somewhere. A wish you may not be aware of. A wish that may have not visited you from ages. Today I urge you to think and dig deep into those forgotten layers and bring out that one wish and I shall do my best to fulfil that for you. I will make that happen for you and celebrate with you the joys of that fulfilment. That will be my gift to you. That will be a perfect Mothers day from me to you.

I asked my readers on Sunniesmybunnies Facebook page to tell me what they are gifting to their mothers? what they wanted as mothers? and how would they want to celebrate Mother’s Day? One said she would love to gift her mother health, while the other wanted to take her mother out for lunch. One wanted to gift her mom an art book, someone wanted to buy her an expensive saree. One wanted her children to surprise her while the other longed for a handmade card from her daughters. Another mom wanted to spent time with her son. One mom wanted a vacuum cleaner as a gift which would enable her to keep the mess at bay with her 2.5-year-old. One mom wanted to gift her mom a promise that she will love her more than yesterday.

I am a mom too and all I want is a hand-written note from both my children telling me what I mean to them. At the end we all crave attention and admiration and love, don’t you?

“I dedicate this post to all the mothers with admiration for the greatness of what they are building when no one sees”

Since my mother is miles away from me I want to share this happiness with all the mothers reading this hoping that it will reach her too.

“I am what my mother wants me to be “

Love you ma, happiness and sunshine


P.S: Hope this resonates with you, and when it does, don’t forget to share, comment and like. Help me reach out to as many moms possible. I am counting on you!

and yes I hand painted this mother and daughter duo paying tribute to all the moms!

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  1. Rajiv Narula says:

    I cried a lot after reading this Nidhi. I am far away from my Mother as well, but grateful, she is with us and also grateful that I get to spend quality time with her every year and thanks to technology, can video chat with her several times a week. We are what we are because of our parents — a mother’s sacrifice can never be paid back.

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  2. You are lucky to have these memories or warmth and love and seem to possess the wisdom that comes from having the experiences. Happy Mothers Day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Carl , you have put a big smile on my face today 🙂


  3. Donné says:

    Beautiful xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh this is beautiful, I’m not afraid to admit it made me cry.

    Thank you so much for sharing x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so happy to hear this Claire xoxo


    2. Happy sad tears , I am tears eyes while writing this and every time I read it , tears keep rolling down my cheeks too 🙂 bitter sweet kind of feeling ..

      Liked by 1 person

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