Why be perfect ?

You must be perfect ! This is what a mom tells her child , this is what a child hears at school and also from everyone else. Right ? But in the pursuit to perfection you forget to let your child make mistakes , get dirty and be playful .

Imagine if art was perfect every art would be the same with no abstract , no unfinished strokes , no weird colour combinations . Look around , is nature perfect ? Is every flower , every leaf symmetrical ? Are all beaches alike , all seasons the same ? And what about people ? Are you and me alike ? No !

Explore the possibilities , dare to indulge and live a creative life and have fun !

Happiness and sunshine



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  1. Manasi chowdhary says:

    I fully agree with you and this is exactly what I feel. I don’t understand the word perfect coz it is different for each person. Everybodys creation is their own creativity.

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    1. So true , let’s celebrate the imperfect and have fun !


  2. Joni says:

    Love this. We are all perfectly imperfect! The differences we have is what makes each person so special.

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    1. Absolutely ! USP to all !

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