The third option !

Simple as it may sound yet so difficult to choose. Why do you always struggle to make it big choosing the most difficult path ? An easy path also leads you to the same destination specially when you are struggling and unsure.

It either works or it doesn’t else it is best to let go and sleep peacefully .

Happiness and sunshine


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  1. Rajiv Narula says:

    I think since childhood we are taught try, try, and try again! But sometimes, things are not meant for us, they are not in our capacity and capability, and trying again does not help. In that case letting go is in our best interest. Thanks for this beautiful, important reminder Nidhi.

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    1. Yes absolutely . Sometimes things are not meant for us and we try in vain . But yes it’s also very important to try and not to give up before an attempt .


  2. Letting go is always going to be the best option! Blessings & smiles to you always! Much love! Xxoo πŸ™‚

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